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Click on the "download app" button to get the installer

1. Install

Look for the file EventosOnlineInstaller.msi in your downloads folder.

Run this file and install the application by following the steps in the installation window.

In Windows 10 if the antivirus skips, follow the following steps:

2. Sign in

Run the already installed application. Once the progress bar has completed, the app will run automatically. Next you will proceed to customize your avatar.

3. Welcome

Enter your username and password in the required fields and click accept. If you have not received your credentials, please contact DeuSens at

Windows 10 Antivirus

On some computers, the following Windows 10 alert may appear during the application installation: “Windows protected your PC”.

To continue with the installation it is necessary to give “more information” and then “run anyway”.

Alert in MacOS

In case your Mac blocks the application for “unable to verify the developer”, you will need to follow the following steps:

1. Open “System Preferences”.

2. Go to “Security and privacy”.

3. In the “General” section, the following message will appear at the bottom: “The use of” Events Online Mac “has been blocked.

4. Click “Open anyway” and accept.

1. Access credentials

If you access an event as a guest, you will have been provided with some credentials days before the event, via email, and you must enter them on this screen to continue.

If you have not received your credentials, please contact DeuSens at

2. Customize your avatar

On this screen you must fill in your personal data as well as select your avatar’s gender, skin color, hair, eyes and clothing, to customize the avatar to your liking.

Just click on the different icons, and the appearance of the avatar will change. Once you are satisfied with the result, click continue.

3. All interactions in one click

To move just click on a point on the ground and the avatar will move there. You can also move around the environment using the W, A, S, D keys.

To rotate the camera you have to click and hold down while you move the mouse.

In the interface you will find different actions such as mute the microphone, make animations, or access the configuration. You can do everything simply using the mouse.

4. Settings selection

In the upper left corner you will find a menu icon that will provide you access to modifying the settings.

  • Activate or deactivate the check box to switch between full screen or window mode.
  • Select the optimal resolution that you want to see the application (it is recommended to use the maximum).
  • Change the overall volume by scrolling the bar from left to right.
  • Select the input source (microphone) and the output source (speakers) by clicking on the corresponding drop-down.
  • By clicking on the “accept” or “cancel” button you can return to the initial configuration.

5. How to use the "Quick Access" panel

To move between the different spaces you can use the right panel of “Quick Access”. By clicking on it you will have the different places you can teleport.

Also, you can use the search bar to quickly find the space you want to go to.

6. Interacting with the screens

During your stay at “Eventos Online” you will see some screens in the different spaces. Some of them will turn on automatically, while others will have buttons that allow you to control their action. If you see buttons on them, you can do the following actions:

  • Left arrow: move the slide back or pause video
  • Right arrow: move the slide forward or play video.
  • PDF: Change the presentation that you want to show
  • Intranet: Fixed URL that goes to the internal intranet.
    • If you are a brand you can edit it or click on the link.
    • If you are a visitor, you can clink and it will take you to the Zoom room scheduled by the brand.

7. How to schedule a meeting / create a presentation

A user with the role of partner has the possibility to schedule meetings with other users of the different brands.

Brands can create their own presentations or lock their agenda. Depending on the number of members hired, they will have one or more calendars.

8. Frequently Asked Questions

Hardware requirements

For a satisfactory experience, the PC will need to have the following minimum requirements:

  • CPU: 2Ghz
  • RAM Memory: 4GB
  • GPU (Graphic Card) OpenGL® 3.2 compatible
    • Supporting GLSL 1.40
    • 512MB of dedicated memory (VRAM)
  • DirectSound™ compatible sound card

Have you not gotten to register?

If you have not previously registered for the event, contact the event organizers to send you the registration link.

Have you lost the password?

If you have lost your password, you have a reset password button in the access screen. If you click on it you will receive an email to change it. Check your spam email if the email has not reached you.

The users can not hear you?

It is essential to have a microphone to be able to interact with other people within the virtual world.

Do you have Internet problems?

It is advisable to connect by cable and not by Wi-Fi.

Platform updates

New versions are continually being uploaded. In the case of Windows, it is automatically updated and in the case of Mac, it tells you to download the application from the link again (in this case, the user will have to delete the old app and run the new one).

Have you stopped listening and being listened to?

Sometimes a loss of connection to the audio server may happen. To solve it, there is a “Reconnect Audio” button in the lower right margin.

Is there a way to make the screen small so that I can work with the computer on other issues while listening?

If you go to the menu and remove the full screen tick, you are putting the app in window mode to make it smaller. You can also minimize the screen with the upper right button.

Does the antivirus on your computer not allow you to access, download or install the application?

You have to disable the antivirus blocks of the “Eventos Online” app and try again. Windows 10’s default antivirus does not give installation problems, but another series of antivirus with many security restrictions can cause these problems.

If you have an IT department, tell them about the incident.

Is there a problem with accessing the platform and are you entering your email and password correctly?

It is possible that your computer has some firewall limitation, or maybe the ports are blocked, which prevents the platform from working optimally. Contact your IT department. In the following table you can find the necessary information about the ports and protocols used by the application:

Port Number Protocol Purpose
843 TCP Flash / Unity Policy
4530 TCP Client to Master Server (TCP
4531 TCP Client to Game Server (TCP)
4533 TCP Client to Nameserver (TCP)
5055 or 27001 UDP Client to Master Server (UDP)
5056 or 27002 UDP Client to Game Server (UDP)
5058 or 27000 UDP Client to Nameserver (UDP)
80 & 443 TCP / UDP For web server (HTTP/HTTPS)
12000 – 52000 UDP For voice media (RTP)

All communications start as outbound communications from the client and only require that a firewall allows communication back on the same UDP port.

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